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Book Report

-Title: The Dam Busters.

-Author: Paul Brickhill

-Stage: 6

-Explain the title: The book is named ‘’The Dam Busters’’ because the book is about a designer that build a massive plane in the world war II. The plane was build to carry big bombs to distroy the axis’ dams.

-Setting: The story take place in the secund world war.

-Describe your favourite character: My favourite character is Barnes Wallis, because he had such of great ideas and he was the designer of this massive plane, he called it ‘the victory bomber’

-Do the same for your least favourite character: Lord Beaverbrook, because he tought Barnes Wallis’s plan of this plane was a bad idea.

- Give this book a mark and explain your opinion: I give this book a 8 because this book is written about one of my favourite subjects. This book was very easy to read although it was stage 6 and compared to the book of stage 5 it was very easy. But the book give too much statics and it’s more a documentary then a novel. when it’s written like a documentary it’s a bit more realistic.


The book is about an airplane designer called Barnes Wallis. The story take place in the secund world war. He was a very talented man because he built more very usefull airplanes. In the second world war he asked himself how the allies could win the war and how he could help with it. They could use bombs to distroy the oil wells but they were scattered over the entire land. Suddenly he had an idea. The dams, if he could blow a dam it would be a rampage. The water would cause a terrific wave of water and the water is usefull to create steel. Steel could be cooled down in the water of these dams. Without the dams Hitler’s army would be very vulnerable. To blow up these dams he had to design a very huge airplane, huge bombs to blow up the dams and train an unity that could fly this plane. After months of hard work, disappointments, problems of recourses and men the victory bomber was made. It was quite a succes because after some bombardments they could hit the dams quite easy. The victory bomber was a bit damaged of the anti-aircraft defences but not to bad. When they had returned to their motherland they earned some medals and Barnes Wallis have earned a very special one.