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We have changed the way we report SHE statistical data. Please ensure that your teams understand that all SHE incidents (accidents, near misses, pollution events, etc.) and monthly employee numbers and hours worked must now be reported using the BV AIRSystem. Please do not enter SHE data onto Hyperion. There is no need to complete paper accident reports either, unless there is a local requirement to retain a paper record.

Serious accidents must still be reported to the local Enforcement Authorities in the usual way.

BV AIRSystem has been designed to operate in multiple languages. Users’ language preference is listed when I arrange their login details, (there have been some glitches with this function – have patience)! There are essentially three hierarchical levels in the AIRSystem:

1) Incident reporting – basic information is provided by team leaders / supervisors / etc. This should automatically prompt an investigation by sending an email to someone listed as an investigator for the site where the incident occurred. Serious events will also result in an email to senior managers.

2) Investigation – the investigator is prompted to input data by the system. Investigators will of course provide their responses in their own language, which on the whole is not a problem because the data is chosen from ‘pick lists’; however there is a free text field for incident details. I ask that these free text details include a brief description in English too – otherwise I’ll have a lot of phoning around to do… Investigations are ultimately signed off by me.

3) Analysis – there is a very comprehensive data query / reporting function. It includes several previously defined reports and users can set criteria to define their own reports. (I suggest that we agree a standard set of data, which I shall then include in a monthly SHE report – however, this is real-time information and you may find it useful at other times, e.g. when visiting a site or doing an inspection/safety tour).

In addition to these event-based functions the employees and hours worked numbers need to be recorded on the system each month, as soon as possible after month end. This is done on a very simple, single page, which should be easier than the previous system.

There is a link to the AIRSystem on the BV intranet Home page, together with links to a ‘training video’ and some FAQ’s. The system can also be accessed directly over the internet:

I understand that a User Manual is to be written for the system, and I can get this translated when it is available.

I have sent out the lists of Login names and Passwords for all those names that were submitted. If your sites decide they need more people with access, they only need to let me know.